Here is an AIBOX Invite Code

AIBox Invite Code

I’m trialling out another cryptocurrency that supports a form of mobile mining, AIBOX. Like Pi Network, AIBOX uses a form of community consensus that doesn’t require lots of power, making it mobile friendly. AIBOX is formed around data ownership and getting back some of the value that comes from your data. The white paper doesn’t go into a lot of detail about how it will work, and it is still in early stages, but nevertheless it is an interesting network goal. A quick note, I’ve only just started experimenting with AIBOX and have no idea what to expect with it. Make sure you do all your own research about AIBOX […]


Celsius Network is a cryptocurrency staking app that allows you to stake a variety of supported cryptocurrencies in return for pre-defined returns. These returns are paid out weekly. Typical annualised returns range from a around 2-3% up to 16.49% with occasional promotions to boost returns if you receive your payouts in the Celsius Network token, CEL. From time to time, Celsius also offers promotions where you can earn bonus rewards for investing certain cryptocurrencies for certain periods of time. One example could be investing USDT (Tether) for 30 days in order to get a bonus of USD $20 paid out in USDT using the Celsius promo code: USDT20. (Promo code […]


I first came across the idea of an “impossible list” by Joel Runyon in October 2020. At the time, I was doing some research on something completely unrelated, but I thought the idea was an interesting one. The idea is that instead of a bucket list of things you want to do, the impossible list is a list of things you see as impossible to achieve. These impossible things might be on your bucket list too, or they might be totally different. Thinking about it, I thought it would be interesting to put my impossible ideas down and see what I came up with. As I jotted things down, I […]


Pi Network

Pi, officially known as Pi Network and also referred to as Mine Pi, is a cryptocurrency platform with a mission of making a “cryptocurrency and smart contracts platform that is secured and operated by everyday people.” The Pi vision is to be a peer-to-peer marketplace that operates on the Pi Network. To fulfil their mission and work towards their vision, Pi is built as a mobile-first cryptocurrency ecosystem. Right now, Pi Network is in phase 2 of initial development, the test phase, also called the Pi Testnet. Note: I am not a financial expert and this article should not be considered financial advice. I am not associated with Pi, I […]