Here is an AIBOX Invite Code

AIBox Invite Code

I’m trialling out another cryptocurrency that supports a form of mobile mining, AIBOX. Like Pi Network, AIBOX uses a form of community consensus that doesn’t require lots of power, making it mobile friendly.

AIBOX is formed around data ownership and getting back some of the value that comes from your data. The white paper doesn’t go into a lot of detail about how it will work, and it is still in early stages, but nevertheless it is an interesting network goal.

A quick note, I’ve only just started experimenting with AIBOX and have no idea what to expect with it. Make sure you do all your own research about AIBOX first!

If you are thinking about signing up to try it out as well and see where it goes, you will require an invite code.

You can use mine if you like.

AIBOX invite code: U2Z8Z52T

You can also follow this link to jump straight to the AIBOX signup page with the AIBOX invite code pre-filled.

In addition to an invite code, signup also requires a valid mobile phone number, and for iOS users, you must have the TestFlight app installed since the AIBOX app is in beta. You can get TestFlight from the app store.

If you prefer, you can also scan the QR code below and it will take you straight to the signup page with my AIBOX invite code pre-filled.

AIBox Invite Code
AIBox Invite Code

AIBOX invite code: U2Z8Z52T

As I learn more about AIBOX and use it further, I’ll put in some more info on how the AIBOX app actually works, what I think about it, and so on.

Right now, AIBOX is very new, so we’ll see what happens!


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