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I first came across the idea of an “impossible list” by Joel Runyon in October 2020. At the time, I was doing some research on something completely unrelated, but I thought the idea was an interesting one. The idea is that instead of a bucket list of things you want to do, the impossible list is a list of things you see as impossible to achieve. These impossible things might be on your bucket list too, or they might be totally different.

Thinking about it, I thought it would be interesting to put my impossible ideas down and see what I came up with. As I jotted things down, I realised, there are things that are here, not because they are impossible at all, but because they are things I just might never have tried, potentially due to fear or other factors. Others are things that I’ve been working towards for years but never seem to be able to quite get there, like 6-pack abs, those washboards constantly elude me!

I ended up breaking my list up into sections, and with 2021 commencing today, I thought it made sense to publish it. There is no pressure, I might finish these things in my life, I might not. The goal is to push myself and achieve things that seem impossible or that have dragged on for a long time and that I might have otherwise forgotten about. Even if I did achieve these things, if I’ve forgotten they once seemed impossible then there is no celebration of the achievement!

This list will evolve over time. It will grow, there might become some new categories or rearranged placements and things will (hopefully) be marked as achieved, at some point. I’m hoping that perhaps my impossible list will inspire you the same way that I was inspired.

So without further ado. Here it is, my impossible list:

Things I’m actively working on

  • Get 6-pack abs
  • Have a body fat percentage of 14%
  • Learn Spanish fluently
  • Generate 100,000 monthly views on Still As Life
  • Make $10,000/month in business revenue
  • Make $5,000 in crypto profit


  • Visit every continent [4/7 visited]
  • Experience all the jet boats in New Zealand [4 down]
  • Experience all the jet boats in Australia
  • Visit Hunterston Castle, Ayrshire Scotland [Visited Scotland in March 2020 but the trip was cut short before we got to Hunterston]
  • Road-trip across the USA
  • Road-trip across Canada
  • Road-trip across Russia
  • Road-trip north to south the length of North and South America (or the reverse).
  • Visit 20 countries
  • Visit 50 countries
  • Visit 100 countries
  • Visit 150 countries
  • Visit every country
  • Go River-Tubing in Fiji
  • Cross the Australian Nullarbor Plain by road
  • Caravan or campervan around Australia and do the loop


  • Get 6-pack abs
  • Have a body fat percentage of 14%
  • Learn Spanish fluently
  • Learn Tai Chi
  • Learn to snow ski
  • Learn to water ski
  • Get a boat license
  • Get a PWC license
  • Learn to operate a tractor [November 2020]
  • Learn to fly a plane
  • Try every kind of banana that grows on the Solomon Islands
  • Have a white Christmas in the northern hemisphere
  • Come up with a good reason to become an Estonian E-Resident
  • Become an Estonian E-Resident

Business & Entrepreneurship

  • Generate 100,000 monthly views on Still As Life
  • Make $10,000/month in business revenue
  • Make $5,000 in crypto profit

What about you?

So, what about you? What’s impossible for you? Put it on your list this year and see if, just maybe, it isn’t so impossible after all!

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